Pesto puff pastry Christmas tree

  I bet everyone is preparing for Christmas Eve now! I am a little bit in advance as I am celebrating Christmas with my in-laws for the first time this year but we did a little pre-Christmas at my parents too. 

If you are still looking for an easy but original idea that does not break the bank for you guests to nibble on with the bubbly, I have the perfect recipe for you : a yummy pesto Christmas tree! 

I have seen this recipe all over Facebook lately and I just had to try it for myself! It looks amazing, very festive and it is so quick and easy! 

What do you need? 2 sheets puff pastry – a couple tbsp red pesto – a couple tbsp green pesto – a few spoonfuls of milk or a beaten egg (optional)

How to make it?   

1. Spread the pesto onto the first sheet of pastry. 

2. Cover with the 2nd sheet

3. Cut out the shape of a tree – don’t through away the rest of the dough, you can cut it into pieces and serve them alongside the tree. 

4. Twirl the branches

5. Brush with egg wash or milk for extra shine

6. Bake in the oven at 200C for 10-15 mn

You can make this recipe with lots of other savoury or sweet fillings! How about a jam or Nutella filled Christmas tree for brunch or an afternoon treat? YUM! 

Merry Christmas everyone! I’d love to know all the good stuff you are preparing! I am sure your kitchens are are smelling divinely! 


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