Super easy baked vegan falafel 

(null)_1Since we started our vegan challenge, I have to admit the grocery bill has gone up quite a bit, as we buy more organic products and things we can only find in the “nature store”. That’s fine though, as we cook with better, higher quality ingredients. We are made of what we eat,  so let’s not eat too much sh*! And frankly after 12 days of vegan food, we are both feeling great and full of energy.

One thing on my shopping list that has been bothering me are the falafel we were buying – which I found a tad expensive for what they were. £2 for 5 (dry) little chickpea balls in a plastic box? Not convinced.  I have always loved falafel dishes when going out, and the ones in my fridge did not live up to my expectations. So I set out to making them myself and realised it was oh-so-easy!

What do you need?  (12 falafels): 1 can chickpeas, drained – 1 lime – a handful fresh coriander – 2 cloves garlic – 1 tsp cumin – 1 tsp paprika – salt & pepper to taste – olive oil to cook. Optional : a few tbsp flour.

How to make them? I chose to grill my falafels in the pan rather than deep fry them – seemed like a much healthier option and they are delicious that way.

1. Put all the ingredients in a food processor and mix to obtain a thick paste.

2. Once you have that, transfer the mix in a bowl, and if the chickpea is not thick enough to handle, add a couple of tbsp flour. I did not have to do this, but it depends how moist your chickpeas are.

3. Heat some olive oil in the pan. Form little patties with your hands, about 5-7mm thick and 4cm large. It depends how you like them really but cooking will vary accordingly.

4. Cook for 3-4 mn on each side, or until golden brown. You can serve immediately, still hot, with any dish or on its own just dipped in sauce. Or you can keep in an airtight container and use in wraps for you lunch box.

These were literally ready in 20 mn max, and deliciously moist. Sooooo much better than the store bought ones!

I served them with a Moroccan inspired side dish of carrots and quinoa spiced up with cinnamon and cumin and a few fresh coriander leaves. And then used the leftovers in a cucumber – spinach – hummus – falafel wrap.



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