Bali recipe #4 – Chicken satay drumsticks

chicken satayHi again! It’s been a while! I was not even on holidays but I have just caught up with another hobby long forgotten! I have been sewing like crazy these past few weeks, which left little time for cooking, and even less for recording everything on the blog. So yes, I had a bit of a dip. And actually, sometimes it is good to take a little break to revive both motivation and inspiration.. just in time to share a summer BBQ recipe!

These chicken satay drumsticks would make a nice exotic alternative to the usual  kebabs. Funnily enough, just like our BBQs,  in Bali making the chicken stay is a task traditionally performed by men. Some stereotypes transcend cultures!
This one is actually one of my favourite recipe from the cooking class I took with the hubby in Bali during our honeymoon. It is versatile enough that I could do it at home too. It tastes even better dipped in some peanut sauce and you can serve it with any salad, these green beans in coconut sauce.

What do I need? 

You will need some wooden chopsticks, and soak them in water. This is so they don’t burn or split on the barbecue. The ones from the Chinese restaurant will do just fine! Or, to make it extra exotic, you can use whole lemongrass sticks instead.

300 g chicken mince – 5 lime leaves, shredded – 1/2 cup grated coconut – 3 tbsp fried onions – 1 tbsp palm sugar (or brown sugar) – 1/2 tsp salt – 1/2 tsp shrimp paste or soy sauce – 4-5 tbsp genep.

For the genep ( balinese spice mix) – make 1/3 cup: 1 tsp black pepper – 2-3 macadamia nut or cashew – 3 cloves garlic – 1 tsp coriander seed – 5 shallots – 2 tbsp turmeric – 2 large red chillies (seeds removed) – 5 tbsp galangal – 1/2 tsp sesame seeds – 3 tsp aromatic ginger (or ginger if you can’t find it) – 1/4 tsp ground nutmeg – 1.5 tbsp ginger – 1/4 cup water.

This spice mix is the base of many traditional balinese recipes such as chicken satay, smoked duck or suckling pick. It is easy to make once you have gathered all the ingredients, and you can store for up to one week in the fridge after covering the top with a little oil and some plastic wrap.

How to make it? 

  1. Mix all the ingredients for the genep in a blender. Start with the seeds and nuts, then blend in all the other ingredients. Add the water slowly, as necessary. At the end of this process you should obtain a thick golden yellow paste. For this recipe you will only need 4-5 tbsp of the mix.

Chicken kebab

2. Mix together the grated coconut, genep, sugar, fried onion, salt. It is worth doing this by hand so that the flavours really blend together. Then mix in the chicken and shredded lime leaves and knead this all together to form a big homogeneous pasty bowl. If it is too dry, you can add a bit of water or coconut milk.

Chicken kebab 2

3. Take a small tablespoon of mixture and shape into a pear. Place the meat at the end of the stick and spiral it firmly around the stick until halfway and resembles a drumstick. This is the traditional method, but if you are feeling lazy, you can just press your meat around the stick.

On the left you see one stick done with the traditional”spiraling” method, and on the right a stick with the meat simply pressed onto it. Both work well!

4. Grill until golden brown.

You can serve this as a main with a salad, but also as a nice starter or finger food. Enjoy!



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