How to put a nozzle on a piping bag?

how to put nuzzle on piping bag

For my birthday, back in December, my husband offered me a baking class at Cakes4Fun in Putney. You can imagine I was overjoyed! Somehow though, I did not get to do this class until June this year. The first time I booked  a class, there was an error in the online system and my booking was not taken into account. The second time, all was going well but then there was a flood in their kitchen and so they had to cancel all their classes. By that time it was already March and the courses were fully booked for April. With the wedding coming up in may, booking a baking class was the last thing on my mind. But when we came back from honeymoon, I went back on their website again, and (oh luck!) they had introduced a macaroon class! Something I had been wanting to do for ages! Macaroons have such a reputation of being difficult to make that I never dared trying them on my own. When you don’t get what you want, it can be because something even better is awaiting you!

I’ll get into the macaroons in the next post, but today I wanted to show you a simple trick on how to assemble a piping back (you’ll need that for macaroons!). You can of course cut the point of your piping bag  at a rough guess, but you can end up with a hole that is too big and your nozzle will then just slip through.. wasting a perfectly good piping bag! So here is a tried and tested method!

1. Insert your nozzle into your piping bag all through to the pointy end.

2. With a pair of scissors, mark a line roughly in the middle of the nozzle.

3. Push back the nozzle passed that line to make some space.

4. Cut through the plastic horizontally where you had marked your line.

5. Push the nozzle through the hole. And you are done!

Happy piping!


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