Mini Lemon curd tiramisu – how to use wedding cake leftovers?

Lemon tiramisu 1

Plenty more Balinese recipes to come but let’s take a break for now and look at what happened AFTER the honeymoon. As we had left for Bali literally a day after the wedding festivities were over, we just had time to drop everything by the flat, take our luggage and leave. I also took the time to wrap our leftover wedding cake into cling film and put it in the freezer.

I had sliced it into several sections, and frozen these separately. When we came back it was great to unfreeze a slab of cake and enjoy it on the sofa on a nice Sunday, especially since I had not had a chance to taste it on the day – too busy chatting to everyone! I kind of remember having a spoon of cake on the day from someone’s plate but that’s about it. So yes, a bit of cake was very enjoyable .. but then wolfing down slice after slice of lemon cake was not doing any good to my waistline – and after all the efforts to look my best on my wedding day, I was not going to fatten up so quickly! The thing is it is not great to serve your old wedding cake to guests, so I started looking at what else I could do with it, that I felt I could serve to any visitors.

There is a lot online on how to re-use your wedding cake, more or less crazy recipes. You can make cake pops, bread pudding (but with cake!), trifles etc.. and some people even advise to dry slices of cake in the oven and use the cubes as croutons in salads (not tempted by this, sorry). But in the end I went with my own idea: using the cake as a basis for a lemon tiramisu.

Ingredients (4) : leftover wedding cake – 1 shot of rhum – 1 cup almond milk (or regular milk, used for soaking) – 4 tbsp lemon curd – 200 g mascarpone – 2 eggs – 100 g sugar – lemon zest for decorating.

collage leon tiramisu

1. Start by preparing your cake, removing all the sugar paste round it and cutting the cake to the size you need I cut slides about 1 cm thick. To make my mini tiramisu, I used some ramekins and used a cookie cutter of roughly the same diameter as my ramekins to cut my cake to the right shape and size. You can also simply slide you cake and lay the slices at the bottom of a square dish.

2. Mix the rum with the milk to make your soaking liquid. You could use some limoncello, or Malibu rum if you want to, I did not have any at the time but I am sure it would be very nice. Once soaked with rum and milk, press your circles of cake to the bottom of each ramekin.

collage lemon tiramisu 2

3. Separate the yolks from the whites. Whip up the eggwhites until stiff. Mix the egg yolks with the sugar and mascarpone until you obtain a nice smooth cream. Check that it is sweet enough to your taste. Then slowly incorporate the egg whites to make a mousse.

collage lemon tiramisu 3

4. Spread a tablespoon of lemon curd on top of each slice of cake. And then pour the mascarpone mix on top of it.

5. Leave in the fridge overnight so the mascarpone mousse has time to set. Decorate with a few lemon zests before serving

lemon tiramisu 10



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