A great cooking class in Bali? I found it!


I can’t believe it has been almost a month already! Everything went so fast since the wedding! I am looking forward to sharing a few pictures with you and some of the dishes we had on the day. But as we are waiting for our (amazing) photographer to send us everything, I might as well start with one of the highlights of our honeymoon: our beautiful cooking class at Casa Luna Cooking School in Ubud.

For our honeymoon we spent 2 weeks in Bali were we had a great time relaxing and enjoying some time together just the two of us. Neither of us had ever been in Asia, so this was a big first for us. As we are both found of Thai and Vietnamese food, we were really looking forward to know more about Balinese cooking (ok, mostly me…). This class was everything I had hoped for.

The Casa Luna Cooking School, as well as the associated guesthouse and restaurant, were created by a lady called Janet DeNeefe. She is Australian, fell in love with a Balinese and moved to Ubud 25 years ago. She is passionate about Bali, its traditions and cooking, and she built her life and business around that. Sounds a bit like a fairy-tale to me!


The class took place in a traditional open-air kitchen, surrounded by a luscious gardens of a temple. The team was lovely and very entertaining. It not only taught us to make many dishes (all the above!) but also focused on the history of Balinese cooking, its ceremonial use and religious importance. The class lasted 4 hours,  including lunch, and was very hands on. Look at us learning the techniques here!

bali cooking class 3

We learned to make the following and got to eat it all. Always a bonus.

– Chicken satay (and a tempe variant for vegeterians)

– Rujak – a sweet and sour salad

– Fern lawar

– Beans in coconut sauce

– Sweet corn patties

– Peanut sauce

– Traditional fragant yellow rice

In the next posts I will share some details about these recipes – though the best way to learn is from the professionals! This class was full of tips on how to successfully cook Balinese dishes. If you ever plan to go to Bali and Ubud, I highly recommend it.




5 thoughts on “A great cooking class in Bali? I found it!

  1. First of all, congratulations again!!! You’re a Mrs.! But what fun – I have a high school friend who has gone to Bali every year since she was about 20. Goes every year. Now you’ve really tempted me to go on one of her guided trips!!!


    • Thanks Mimi! It was great indeed ! I completely understand how you would go back year after year after year! If you go, I really recommend this cooking class – there is one with a market tour too, which I did not get to do but was very tempting


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