Fuller longer lunch salad (Vegan, GF)

Quinoa salad 2

Helloooo sunshine! I can’t bring myself to eat any salad during the winter, but when spring comes I go all out! Especially this year with the wedding now only 4 weeks away. Here is one of my recent favourites that will bring you lots of vitamins and keep you full all day until dinner thanks to the high protein content! I sometimes add a hard-boiled egg to it for some extra protein. As for many salads, it is very easy to make, just a lot of chopping.

What do you need ? 60 g bulgur – 60 g quinoa – 1 red pepper – 1 ripe avocado – 1 carrot – a handful of mint leaves – 1/2 lemon – olive oil – 1 egg (optional)

How to make it? 

1. Bring 1/2 liter water to the boil, then add the bulgur and quinoa (+ the egg if you use one) Let it cook for 12 minutes.

2. While these cook, chop the pepper and avocaco into small pieces. The smaller the better here!

3. Press the lemon and add the juice to the avocado and pepper (so the avocado does not brown).

4. Peel the carrot and grate it, then add to the other vegetables.

5. Chop the mint leaves thinly and add to the mix.

6. When the quinoa and bulgur are cooked, drain the contents of the pan in a strainer (remove the egg first, and let it cool down). Then place under cold running water and move the grains around with your hands until they are cold.

7. Add the grains to the mix and add a dash of olive oil. Mix well.

8. If you want to add an egg, place it under cold running water or in a bowl of ice cubes for a few minutes. Peel when cold.

Quinoa salad




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