Mini Lemon and Berry coulis Cheesecakes



It’s a classic, and one you have probably seen in lots of other blogs. But hey, it is my first time! I love cheesecake but I never tried one myself. I thought it would be too difficult I think. Also I usually bake with what I have at hand, and I never buy cream cheese, so cheesecake requires a specific grocery shopping trip – not happening.

Last week, finally, the moment arrived where all the ingredients are in the fridge/cupboard… aka I was at my mom’s (shame). And since it is a classic I just decided to follow the recipe on the tin! Keeping it easy through and through. And it worked like a charm! Click on this post for the full step-by-step recipe!

What do you need for 6 mini-cheesecakes? 2 eggs – 100 g caster sugar – 20 g flour – 400 g cream cheese (I used Phildelphia) – zest of 1 lemon – 100 g speculoos – 50 g unsalted butter – 150 g frozen berries (or fresh if you have them!

I prefer the speculoos (gingerbread cookies) but you can also use digestive biscuits or graham crackers for the crust. Then add a bit of sugar to them. Or get crazy and use any kind of cookies you like! Why not some Oreo? Amaretti? Biscotti? Shortbreads?

How to make them? 

collage crust 2

1. Starting with the crust. Put all the biscuits in a ziploc bag, close it tightly and roll over the bag with a rolling pin, or tap on it with a pestle. I stopped when the biscuits were almost reduced into a powder, with a few crumbs in it.

2. Melt the butter in the microwave for 10 seconds, then mix it with the biscuit until you obtain a crumbly kind of dough.

3. In each ramekin, add a large tablespoon of biscuit mix and press onto the bottom until you obtain an even crust, about 4-5 mm thick. You can use a pestle or the bottom of a glass to help you. Refrigerate the ramekins for now.

cheesecake batter

4. Beat the cream cheese, eggs, flour and remaining sugar until well blended. Beat in the lemon zest. Then pour the batter over the crust. Your crust should be solid enough that the batter does not get through and sets nicely on top of the crust.

cheesecake  coulis

5. Bake the cheesecakes for 15-20mn or until the centre is almost set.

6. Cook your berries on low fire in a pan until you obtain a sortof compote. Then mix them until you get a smooth coulis. Once the coulis has cooled down, pour it over your cheesecake, and add a mint leaf for decoration.

I made that dessert for a family lunch. I quite like that you need to can make it a bit in advance to refrigerate before the meal. Helps split the work and not spend the whole day cooking.


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