Easter brunch ideas

collage easter brunch


Hosting for Easter brunch? Not sure what to make? Look no further! Here are a couple of ideas from my blog to help you. A few simple home made things will do the trick!

1. Homemade braided brioche: It is really not that difficult if you have a good recipe and allow enough time for raising. Start the day before!

2. Duck egg a la coque: You’ve got to have eggs for Easter, right? No more difficult and a little fancier than a regular soft boiled egg, try duck eggs instead. They are even easier to get right because their white get hard much faster than the yolk. Much less risk of opening the cap to a running white, or a hard yolk!

3. Homemade Nutella: Nutella is always a week-end favourite, and delicious on that brioche actually. This homemade version is even better, and much lighter! Guests are always impressed and it easier to make than jam.

4. Traditional hot chocolate:  Adult might prefer a nice tea or coffee. But kids go mad for a rich homemade hot chocolate.

5. Banana pancakes: Pancakes are a classic brunch item. Make it a bit healthier – but no less delicious – with these banana pancakes. I find them even easier to cook as they remain nice and moist when normal pancakes can dry up a little.

6. Goat cheese and spinach quiche with sesame crust: An easy one to make the day before. A classic combination of goat cheese and spinach, with a little extra crunch in the crust from the sesame seeds. If you don’t have time to make your own pastry, just add the sesame seeds to your store bought one.

7. Beetroot, red onion and feta tabouleh: A pleasant variation on the classic tabbouleh salad. With bulgur instead of couscous grains. So fresh!

8. Banana cashew milk: A creamy smoothie that’s great for vegans and those looking for new flavours.

9. Yoghurt, almond and berry mini loaves: These are just too cute not to make! For Easter I would serve them directly in their pastel toned silicon cases. And if you have too many you can send your guests home with a few of them.

Have a nice fresh fruit salad on the table too, some juice, tea and coffee and you are all set!

Happy Easter everyone!

easter table




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