Vegan GF chickpea salad – with red peppers and tenderstem broccoli

Chickpea 1


Since Darya from the blog Tortore shared with me her little trick to keep already-cooked beans and chickpeas, I have been on a real bean-frenzy! I have been cooking a batch every Sunday, and keeping it in a jar as she instructed. I put a whole pack of beans to soak when I leave for work in the morning, and I cook the whole batch in one go when I come back in the evening. Then I let them cool off in their cooking water and keep them in the fridge in tupperwares, always in their water up to one week in the fridge. Thanks Darya for the tip! This salad for example, took me 5 mn to prepare. I brought it to lunch last week, it was delicious, healthy and very filling thanks to the chickpeas. If you are vegan or GF, this one works for you too! Here is how to prepare this super quick salad…

 Ingredients: 100 g chickpeas, already prepared – 1 red pepper – 5 tenderstem broccoli – 2 spring onions – a few flakes of dried chili – olive oil


1. Cut the tenderstem into sticks of 1 cm long and cut off the top. Put all of it in a pan with a littl eolive oil. Let it sizzle for 5 mn, until the florets have browned a little, and the stems are tender but al dente.

2. In the mean time cut the pepper into small pieces. To make nice little even sticks, follow the steps below. Cut off the top and bottom of the pepper. Then cut-off the core. And then detail into stick more or less wide. This is a nice technique to use if you want ot dip you pepper in sauce for example.


collage3. Cut the spring onion into thin slices.

4. Mix the broccoli, peppers, chickpeas and spring onions. Add a dash of olive ole and a few chili flakes. And your lunch box is ready!

chickpea 2



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