Sunshine quiche – bell pepper filling and oregano crust

Sunshine quiche

You know when you don’t really know how to tell something because you want to say it the right way, at the right moment, and you end up waiting so long that you end up saying nothing? Well that’s a bit what happened to me with this blog. I got engaged a bit more than  a year ago now (yay!) and I did not know how to, or whether I should break the news on my blog. First I thought I should tell friends and family only. Then I though I should say it because I like my lovely readers to know a bit a bout myself and it is the big event of this year (and of my life)… Then I though maybe it was not appropriate because I am writing a cooking blog, not a wedding blog, then it felt awkward because we had been engaged for while… and so time passed and I never said anything. And now I am starting to get so much into the wedding planning, that I am less and less regular with posts … not great, I know. But hey, I am getting married in May! And I am sorry it took me so long to break the news! Let’s celebrate this and the early spring with this sunshine quiche, perfect for the soon to come pic nics in the parc!

It is a simple quiche, that I have spiced up a little with some herbs in the crust and by spreading mustard on the crust before adding the filling and baking it. These two things always make a simple straightforward quiche a little more special. And it can be done with many different things. Instead of oregano, you could add poppy seeds, sesame seed, thyme or curry powder to your crust for example. And you could spread the crust with pesto, concentrated tomato paste or olive paste instead of mustard. Possibilities are infinite, and it really makes this classic dish a little more special. You can even use this for sweet pies, by adding cinnamon or cocoa powder to the crust, and spreading some jam or nut butter on the bottom.

Sunshine quiche 1

Ingredients (20 cm round tin):

For the crust: 150 flour – 80 g butter – 50 g water – a handful of dried oregano -1 tbsp salt

For the filling: 2 bell peppers – 4 eggs, 400 ml semi-skimmed milk – 100 g grated mozzarella – 1 tbsp mustard.

Sunshine quiche 3

1. Preheat your oven to 200 C. To make the crust I used a Thermomix recipe. Add the flour, oregano, salt and diced butter to the bowl. Turn on to Speed 8 for 10 seconds. Add the water and Turbo a few times until just clinging.

2. Then flatten it using a rolling pin and lay it in a 20 cm diameter round tin to make the crust. Spread a good tablespoon of mustard on the crust. You can go heavy as mustard loses of its strength when cooked.

Sunshine quiche 4

3. Then cut the peppers into small cubes. Beat the eggs and milk together, and add the grated cheese and peppers to the mix. Pour into the crust.

4. Bake for 10 mn at 200 C then lower the temperature to 180 C. This is quite a deep quiche so it needs a while to cook. I cooked mine for 45 minutes. Enjoy hot or cold, with a salad for example.

Sunshine quiche 2


4 thoughts on “Sunshine quiche – bell pepper filling and oregano crust

    • Thanks Mimi! Yes so simple isn’t it? The crust is so often forgotten when baking, but we can actually get very creative, and think of flavours that go well with the filling to make our pies delicious inside and out ! 🙂


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