Apple-Honey Handpies – Happy Sunday

Winter really takes its toll on me and I am prone to feeling a bit depressed during this period. This year has seen some improvements compared to previous ones as I have invested in a SAD lamp – a lamp that imitates sunlight basically. Apparently the fact that we feel down in the winter is due to the reduced sunlight, so my SAD lamp helps quite a bit. We turn it on every morning for breakfast for some extra Vitamin D!
Another way to perk you up is a nice comforting Sunday breakfast! Here is a simple recipe that takes 10 mn to make and only another 10 mn to bake.

I have actually made these the day after I baked my Galette des Rois. I had a few leftovers and it was a nice variation on almost the same ingredients.

Ingredients: 1 apple – 1/2 roll puff pastry – 2 tbsp strong honey – 1 egg – 2 tbsp milk

1. Roll down you puff pastry until it is about 2-3mm thick. Then cut 4 circles of about 10-12 cm in diameter. I used a bowl to do this and make sure I had nice, equal circles.


2. Cut the apple into small cubes of 0.5*0.5 cm. Put into a bowl and mix with the honey. Microwave for 2 mn to soften the apples. Then dispose the apple cubes on one half of your circles of pastry. The layer should not be too thick so that you can still close the hand pies.


3. Close the hand pies by bringing the half that does not have the apples on, on top of the other. Make sure the sides are sealed. You can for example press a fork on the edges to do that.


4. Beat the egg with the milk to make an egg wash and brush your hand pies with it. Bake in the oven for 10 mn or until golden.



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