And the winners for 2014 are…

collage top 5


And these are your favourites recipes for 2014! Thanks so much for those who keep following me. I am glad to see that some recipes written in the previous years have made it on the podium. The shrimp tartare was actually one of my first posts, dating back to May 2012.

Gold: Chocolate eclairs step-by-step recipe

Silver: No pectin blueberry jam

Bronze: Tomato, basil and red pepper soup

Runner Ups: Shrimp and avocado tartare & Banana pancakes for 

Based on this, my blog resolutions for 2014 are:

– more step-by-step recipes

– keep a good mix of healthy and indulging recipes

– keep a good mix of easy/healthy recipes and more fancy dishes

What are your blog resolutions for 2015? 


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