Happy New Year – Gravlax salmon with wasabi espuma

Gravlax salmon

First of all Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a fantastic time celebrating with your friends and families. Any good resolutions for 2015?

I have vowed to keep my yoga and blog routine over the year: one yoga class a week and one blog post a week, all in equal measures! I haven’t done too bad this year, I posted 48 times , so almost once a week. And to start on the right foot, here a nice an healthy recipe we prepared over the holidays! For those who follow this post, you will recognise it from my Christmas menu. I have to say this is not exactly my recipe – it is great family team work. Mom for the salmon, dad for the wasabi espuma and me learning and taking photos 🙂

I am quite glad we got to use our siphon as well. These things used to be so popular but I hardly ever see a recipe using espumas anymore – too bad they are delicious and they make heavy things suddenly so light and fluffy.

There is not much time actually require din the kitchen to make this recipe – but you will need to start on the salmon in the morning to have it ready for serving in the evening. And you’ll need to start the foam early to leave time for it to cool down. Just enough time to do your nails, take a shower etc before guests arrive!


For the gravlax salmon: 1 tsp pink peppercorn – 10 sprigs of fresh dill – 2 tbsp caster sugar – 1 tsp pepper – 2 tbsp coarse salt – 2 salmon fillets of 150 g each, with skin –

For the wasabi espuma: 50 g soft cheese – 5 cl semi-skimmed milk – 5 cl full fat cream – 1/2 tsp wasabi.


For the salmon: 

1. Grind the pink peppercorn. Wash, dry and chop the dill finely. Mix together the dill, pink peppercorn, pepper, sugar and salt

image2. Place a large rectangle of cling film on your working surface – it needs to be large enough that you wrap the salmon in it. Place the first salmon fillet on the cling film, skin down. Spread your mix of dill on the fillet, and cover with the second fillet, skin up. You have now sandwiched your herb mix in between 2 salmon fillets, and the skin of both fillets is visible. Then close the cling film on this “salmon sandwich”, and wrap very tightly in some more cling film. Normally when you make gravlax salmon, you need to leave the salmon take in the salt for at least 12 hours. But by sandwiching the gravlax mix in between 2 fillets and cling-wrapping the whole thing, you can accelerate this process. Leave your salmon to marinate in the fridge for 6 to 7 hours.

For the espuma:

Now this is the tricky part. We tried this recipe already last year and the espuma ended up all liquid, not at all foamy as it should. But our mousse was greatly improved this time! Mind you, the taste is still good when the espuma does not quite work out, but it is more of a sauce than an airy mousse. The trick this time was to refrigerate absolutely everything linked with the espuma making – the liquid as well as the siphon.

3. Start by putting your siphon in the fridge while you start on the sauce. In a saucepan, reheat the milk, cream and soft cheese until your obtain a homogeneous liquid. Then add the wasabi. Start with 1/2 tsp, but you can progressively add some more if you want to spice up your dish. Leave to cool down completely then refrigerate for 30 minutes.


4. Take your salmon out of the fridge, unwrap it and separate the 2 fillets. Remove most of the salt/sugar/dill mix. It should look roughly like this.

image_25. Take out your wasabi cream and your siphon from the fridge. Charge the siphon with one cartridge according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Shake the siphon and refrigerate 10 more minutes.

6. Slice each fillet very thinly and leave the skin out. Dispose a few slices of salmon on each plate.

image_16. Finally serve the espuma. Hold the siphon upside down and shake it energetically. Press the lever to release the foam. Serve immediately.

Gravlax salmon




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