What’s your Christmas menu?

I have just arrived home in Angouleme for the holidays. And what is the first thing we discussed around the table? The menu for the holidays of course!

I like to share what I do for Christmas, but I am also really curious to see whether you have any tradition you like to enjoy every year or if you like to change the menu from time to time?  What are your Christmas classics ? Which new recipe are you going to try this year ?

For or us this Christmas it will be:

On Christmas Eve

Homemade Foie Gras – My parents have been making their own for a few years now and it is delicious! This is definitely on the menu every year.

Sabayon Lobster a la Thai – I can’t wait to try that one. Last year we cooked lobster fort he first time for Christmas, and so we made a classic lobster Armoricaine. This year we are being a bit more adventurous with this Asian inspired recipe.

Caramel Poire Belle Helene – Poached pears in chocolate-caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream. A slight twist on the classic dessert which uses melted dark chocolate. And I brought some Duchy Originals Christmas pudding from London.

On Christmas Day

Gravlax Salmon with a wasabi espuma – We have tried that one before. The salmon is amazing but the espuma did not quite work out. We’ve learned our lesson and will try again this year. The Mahieu family will not be defeated by a recipe! I hope it will be good enough to share this time!

Duck with dried fruits – this one is made with a whole marinated duck, pancetta and prunes. The whole thing popped in the oven with potatoes roasted in the juices of the meat. A first time but we are looking forward to it!

And the dessert will be a surprise, our guests are bringing this time.

And you? Are you ready to share your festive menus?


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