Baking for Free Cake For Kids

I am very excited to have my first order from Free Cake For Kids for next Monday!

I have just subscribed to my local hub in Ealing and got a “gig” right away! Yeah!

But what IS FCFK?  It is basically a community service to families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. The cakes are baked by volunteers who live in the neighbourhood with the kid’s favourite theme or style. Such a simple idea, and yet so lovely!

Everyone at work now knows I am a keen baker , and that I like baking different things as well rather than reverting to a trusted recipe.  I have to, if I want to feed the blog J I have received a quite few orders from people requesting their favourite cake recently but also some people asking me to stop baking as their weighing scale can’t take it anymore – oups!

So who was I going to bake for? Certainly not the Man who does not really have a sweet tooth. And certainly not myself (see weighing scale argument).

And that is where FCFK comes into play! A colleague actually told me about it and I loved the idea immediately! The registration process was pretty easy – a simple e-mail to the responsible person in my neighbourhood, a commitment to their safety rules (no nuts, clean tools and kitchen etc..). And off we go!

I now have 2 weeks to think of the cake I will bake for the Home Start Ealing Christmas Party. Tatadaaa…


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