Banana Cashew Almond milk smoothie


Short post today! No time to write a story as we are on our way to a romantic week-end in the Cotswolds!

Started the day with a quick but healthy breakfast.

Ingredients: 1 large banana, 250 ml almond milk, 50 g cashews, 1 tbsp honey

1. Mix the cashews first in your blender. I use my faithful Thermomix which is powerful enough to turn them into a butter as they are, but to make it easier you can soak the cashew in a bit of the almond milk overnight.

2. Add in the bananas, mix again. Then finally add the almond milk and honey and give it a few pulses. I find that it is better to mix the ingredients in that order to get a smooth texture.

3. You can strain the smoothie if you want to make sure there are no bits of cashew left.

We are off! Have a nice week-end!


3 thoughts on “Banana Cashew Almond milk smoothie

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