Rabot 1745 – Cacao restaurant and bar

I went to a great bar/restaurant in Borough Market recently, called Rabot 1745. This is the London restaurant of the Hotel Chocolat company.They specialise in rhum and chocolate pairings, be it in food or in drinks. Many of the dishes have cocoa beans for example.

The location is lovely, right next to Borough Market and in front of the house of Bridget Jones (nothing special about the house, but interesting to know). The atmosphere in the bar is very warm and cosy. Great place to go with a few friends or on a date. There is also a little chocolate shop in the bar, from which you can buy Hotel Chocolat products.

I have not tasted the food yet, but went there for a couple of drinks and it was a lovely experience. There’s a great selection of rums, all served with a paired chocolate. I tried the Praline Soother ( £9 Hazelnut liqueur, coconut cream, vodka, praline, white chocolate) and it was delicious. I was a bit afraid it would be too sweet but it was very refreshing and perfectly balanced. I tasted the Chocolate Soother too, but this one was much too strong in chocolate so would not advise it. If you are looking for a hot drink, the Rum Chocolate (£5 Hot chocolate with a shot of Saint Lucian rum) is a classic and very enjoyable. In fact I have since got a bottle of really good rum and intend to use it to spike winter hot chocolates.






2 thoughts on “Rabot 1745 – Cacao restaurant and bar

  1. When we went to St Lucia last year, we stayed right below Hotel Chocolat, and they offered cacao bean tours. I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t do one. It really would have been interesting.


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