Traditional braided brioche


I have always dreamed to make my own brioche but never quite had the courage. Today is a cold and rainy Sunday of…August (loving England) and I did not quite know what to do this morning. It just feels weird to be stuck inside in the middle of the summer! I wanted to bake a cake –  it has become kind of a routine on Sundays now – but I failed the last one I baked this week and I think I got a little traumatised.


It was for the 2-year anniversary of a friend and colleague, I had taken a Lemon and Lemonade cake recipe from my trusted book from the Clandestine Cake Club (i.e. it was safe) and it did not look so bad coming out of the oven so I had iced it and all. When I started cutting the first slice of cake I could feel something was wrong, and indeed it was all gooey inside. Such a dissapointment! and the first failed recipe from my cake book after so many successes. Though it might be because I used an old batch of baking powder – I usually find self-raising flour a safer option.

Anyway I felt jinxedafter this disaster and did not quite feel like baking a proper cake again – so I figured it was time for a little challenge : trying a proper brioche! And this one worked so I reckon I am not jinxed anymore! Fingers crossed.

Ingredients: 500g flour – 75g caster sugar – 3 egg yolks – 125g soft butter – 25g yeast – 200 ml milk – 1 tbsp orange blossom – 1 tbsp salt


1. Pour the milk and yeast in the TM bowl. Program the TM on 10 m/37°C/speed 2.

2. Add the flour,salt, sugar and egg yolks. Then set  on the knead program  5 min/Mode pétrin.

3. Then add the soft butter and orange blossom 10 min/Mode pétrin.

4. Take the dough out of the TM bowl, make a ball wiht it, put in a large plastic bowl and cover with a towel. Leave to rise for at least 1 hour.


5. Flatten the dough on your work surface, to get rid of all the air. Roll the dough into a bowl and divide in 3 equal dough rolls. Shape these into 3 long logs and braid them on a silicon sheet (or waxed paper). Leave to raise for one more hour or until the braid has doubled in volume.

6. Preheat the oven to 180°C. Brush some milk on the brioche (or a beaten egg yolk) so the brioche will have a nice shiny golden colour when coming out of the oven.




7. Bake for  20 minutes and lower the temparature to 150°C after 10 minutes. Leave to cool down before eating. I love it dipped in milk or hot chocolate 😉



Inspired by : Recette de brioche super bonne par Mariebel, found on


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