Bishopsgate Kitchen @ Old Spitafields Market


Bishopsgate Kitchen

Bishopsgate Kitchen, 4 Brushfield Street,Spitalfields, London, E1 6AN

I discovered Bishopsgate Kitchen place as I was heading to the BreakFast Club nearby – the latter being a famous brunch spot but very overrated in my opinion. Good food, good atmosphere but not worth the often hour long queue. Anyway, I was heading there with some friends, and when we discovered the long line of people on the pavement, we decided we’d better go somewhere else! We were in Spitafields market, a very nice location in East London, so were not too worried that we would find somewhere nice to eat.

Just around the corner, we found Bishopsgate Kitchen. We were attracted by the cosy but yet sleek atmosphere of the place, which you can see from the street through their very attractive floor to ceiling glass front. The interior has kind of a rustic feel: old wooden tables and chairs and fresh, local produce lining the walls. There is a long high communal table in the center of the restaurant, with big red toasters regularly placed along it. You can also sit close to the window, or at one of the tables at the back.


They serve really nice lose leaf teas and great coffee, as well as a lovely creamy and intense hot chocolate.

The menu is pretty simple, there are only about 10 items to chose from, classics as well as more original dishes. But that worked for me, and having now tried quite a few things, I can tell you now: whatever you chose, you cannot go wrong. Portions a quite generous, so don’t order too much if you have a small appetite, or consider sharing. Another thing to note is that they use duck eggs, which are very tasty but bigger and richer than your usual chicken egg.

For those who like their classics, Bishopsgate Kitchen serves amazing Eggs Royale (£9.50) and a lovely Full English Breakfast (£10.50), as delicious as it is well presented. See pics below. Aren’t those mouthwatering?


You can also order some house specialties, and my all-time favourite is their “Chorizo hash, poached duck egg, spinach & Manchego cheese”(£10.50). It is exactly what it says on the tin. I rarely change my habits for a brunch and like to stick to Eggs Florentine, unless something really picks my curiosity. Well this item did, and I just loved the combination of flavours. Definitely worth a try! I had it several times since, never disappointing.


I went back there 3 times already and though the place was always kind of busy, I never had to book (though you can if you wish to) and was always seated quickly.

If you have time to have a stroll around the neighbourhood, there is a lot of street art to admire. The below are just an example, the area is just packed with them.

collage BK


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