Foodies in Edinburgh – Day 3

Rosslyn ChapelAnd this is the third and last day of our trip to long week-end to Edinburgh! We explored quit a few spots on Day 1 and Day 2 already, and with not much time left we decided to go a bit outside of the city, to Rosslyn Chapel.

You might not know it, but many of you have already seen Rosslyn Chapel, if you have watched the Da Vinci code that is. In the movie Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou rush to the chapel to try and solve the secret of Jesus’ offspring.

Since the novel came out in 2003 and the movie in 2006, Rosslyn has seen the number of its visitors skyrocket, which (as the guide puts it herself) is great news because it means the parish has been able to complete a lot of restauration work on the chapel. It was actually covered in scaffoldings and a giant canopy until 2011, so now is the perfect to admire the works!

It was well worth travelling an hour on the bus from Edinburgh to the tiny village of Roslin to see the chapel (yes, same name, different spelling). There is not one piece of stone that is not covered in carving, which makes this small chapel really impressing. There was an hour guided tour which introduced us to the history of the chapel, and all the mysteries and myths that surround it. Then we were able to walk around the place, with a map of the main carvings to spot and short description of what they meant. Definitely worth the trip!

Of course before this we started the day with a last brunch in the city, and this will be the last foodie spot I have to share with you for this trip. We headed to Urban Angel, on Hanover Street, not far from Princes Street where we were to take our bus for Roslin.

collage urban angel2We had a hard time choosing what we wanted from the great selection of healthy choices on the menu here. But after several can-you-give-us-10-more-minutes, we finally made it. Here are a few examples of what we had on the menu. Everything was delicious and we did feel good about choosing healthy options after 2 days of feasting! Only thing to note is that the “little plates” are really tiny! I took one thinking I was not too hungry, but has to get something else on top of it as there reallys was not much to eat (ie 5 fallafel balls).

Below you can see:

– the falafel sandwich on flatbread with tzatziki + chilli jam
served with deli salad

– the falafel balls in a curry and coconut emulsion (very good, but a bit of a fancy title for fallafel ball with a coconut milk and curry sauce) 

– the fruit salad with candied quinoa

Urban Angel also has a really good selection of smoothies and freshly squeezed juices as well. So two of us settled for a freshly squeezed orange juice / apple, carrot & ginger. Huge glass! Probably had 10 a day only then!

collage urban angelThat was it for Edinburgh! We had a lovely time, everything was perfect  – though we would have enjoyed a bit more sun .. but it is Scotland after all!

I hope you like seeing a few “top spots” from my explorations as well as my own recipes. I just thought it was nice to vary some times! Let me know what you think! And in the next few posts I will share some of my stuff again!


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