Foodies in Edinburgh – Day 1

In this post, I will be sharing with you my top spots in Edinburgh. I took advantage of the long weekend to go and visit the capital city of Scotland, with two friends. We had a lovely time even though the weather was not that great. Mind you, it was the perfect excuse to go inside for a hint to eat, waiting for the rain or wind to calm down!

Everyone told me Edinburgh was a lovely city, and I could not agree more. With its striking landscape, its many historical sites and great gourmet spots, it makes the perfect city trip. A bit of sunshine would have been the cherry on the cake, but that is not really what Scotland is famous for. You could probably do much more than we did in 3 days in Edinburgh, but we wanted to have a bit of a lie in in the morning so we never left before 11am.

Day 1
We started the day with a long late breakfast at Broughton Deli. It is cute little deli with a dozen mismatched tables at the back. They serve brunch all day, classics as well as a few specials. I had poached eggs in toast with spring onions, red chili and coriander leaves, and an almond-apple pie. The eggs were perfectly poached and the dish very fresh.

We tried the potato scones as well, as it seemed very local. It was quite nice, though it was the first time I tasted any I could not say whether they were better than average or not. They also have a nice selection of leaf teas.

In the afternoon we climbed to Edinburgh Castle and enjoyed the views and a slice of history from there. Then we looked for a good whisky tasting experience.

There is not distillery as such in Edinburgh but we found a really nice bar specialised in whisky tasting , serving over 300 malts and some good Scottish food as well. This place is the Whiski Bar, just around the corner of the Castle.
Now I never liked whisky, but then my only experience with it is if whisky-cokes at student parties. Not the best place to experience whisky… I was very positively surprised and I can now say, there must be a whisky for every taste as they are all so different! I would definitely recommend to anyone a bit curious about whisky to go to the Whiski Bar and try one of their tasting selections (called Flights). Each selection is composed of 4 mini glasses of whisky and each selection has it characteristics: from the Introduction Flight (16£) to the Vintage Flight (80£). We tried the Introduction Flight, a must-have as nine of us had any expertise with whisky, but also a selection of sherry and smoked whiskies. We also had a bit of bread and olives to protect our stomachs but after leaving the bar I could safely say we were a bit more than tipsy.

For dinner we went to a pizza place in the centre, nothing special there that is worth reporting to you. We then spent the rest of the night in a lovely bar with live music, the Ghilli Dhu. Of course,rich from our previous experience, we had a nice smoked whisky to accompany the music!


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