Brunch @ Maggie’s (Ealing)

Collage Maggies   My mom and my sista came to visit for Easter week-end so I thought I would give them a little tour of the neighbourhood. And of course this had to involve a girly brunch! It was a great occasion to try a new place in town : Maggie’s Vintage Beads and Breakfast

This had opened in the centre of Ealing Broadway, about 5 mn from where I live. I had heard they had great breakfast and good burgers as well. The atmosphere was really nice when we got there. No booking needed, and a nice, friendly, family atmosphere. We got seated in a cosy corner next to the window.

We ordered a pot of tea each, fresh orange juice, Berry Gordy Pancakes, Bloody Mary Eggs in a Pan, and a Vedgeree. And we just decided to share everything between the 3 of us. The tea was nice, Teapigs bags, good selection. The teapots were a bit small, no bigger than a cup, but the waitress happily gave us a refill. A very positive point, their freshly squeezed orange juice was indeed fresh, and not cut with water…always a good sign!

I had the Berry Gordy Pancakes first and I was really impressed with the stack in front of me. Nice and fluffy pancakes, with layers of creamy yoghurt in between, and loaded with berries and dried fruit. Just lovely! My mom and my sister found them a bit dry, but I wonder if it is not because they had them after the other 2 dishes and the yoghurt might have dried out a little. I would certainly recommend them. I would say 8/10.

We all agreed the  Bloody Mary Eggs were just average though. A bit disappointed here. The title looked really exciting, but in the end it was just eggs, tomatoes and a lot of potatoes. I would have expected something a bit more spicy, and less potatoes. I would say 5/10.

And last but not least, the Vedgeree was a great surprise. It is a variation on  the Kedgeree, a traditional British breakfast from colonial India. The Kedgeree is made of rice, smoked haddock and poached eggs, in a spicy yoghurt-curry sauce. We did not feel like fish in the morning so we opted for the Vedgeree, where the haddock was replaced with portobello mushrooms. Maggie’s version was very nice: a rice risotto cake, topped with spinach, mushrooms, a poached egg and a creamy curry sauce. Really delicious! I would say 9/10 – just because the portion was not a generous as the two other dishes. 

Overall, it is worth trying, you will certainly have a good time and though I did not fall for every dish every dish, you can be confident you will find something to your taste, and there are some real gems!



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