Clementine marmalade with Vanilla (no added pectin)

Clementine marmalade


After the clementine cake here is another way to use your leftover clementines from the Christmas season, and a good way to bring some sunshine in your plate until the summer comes.

I made this marmalade back in February but we only opened the jar recently and I am quite proud of my first marmalade! I have made many jams already but I have never really tried making marmalade – probably because I am not patient enough to let the fruit and sugar sit overnight before I can cook them and I am always afraid I will get too bitter a result. This is a soft set marmalade that uses the natural pectin in the fruit to achieve set and it is a 2 day process, might be useful to bear that in mind before starting.

Ingredients (makes 2 jars) : 5 clementines (preferably organic as you will use the skin) – their weight in white sugar – 1 vanilla bean


1. Wash and scrub the clementines to remove any dirt or chemicals. Slice of the top and bottom of each fruit. Then slice the clementines in to very thin quarter slices. Keep as much juice as possible. Remove pith and seeds. Some recipes advise to keep them for added pectin, but my marmalade set perfectly without it.

Clementine marmalade

2. Add in the sugar and the vanilla seeds from the vanilla bean. And leave in the fridge for one day and one night.

3. After 24 hours, put your fruit and the sugar in the Thermomix bowl and set it on Speed 1/Reverse/100C for 20 minutes or until the jam reaches setting point.

4. Scoop into still hot sterilised jars, then turn them upside down for flash sterilisation. When the jars have cooled down, your jam should be sterilised (check the cap to make sure) and you can store them in your cupboard.






2 thoughts on “Clementine marmalade with Vanilla (no added pectin)

    • I have to say that is what it where this machine makes the difference: when you need to cook and stir at the same time, and need to keep a constant temperature.
      When I come back home in the evening, I often just put all the ingredients for a risotto in the bowl, set it for 30 mn and go take a shower. I come back to a creamy dinner 🙂 Have a lovely week-end too!


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