I tested … Oxfork (Oxford)


I went to Oxford last Sunday with some friends, to leave busy London behind and enjoy some fresh air. It is funny how Oxford seems so far from where I live, just because it bears the same of another city, when it actually takes me exactly the same time to go to Oxford than to East London.

A good Sunday can only start with a good breakfast, so the first we did upon arrival was to head to Oxfork, a cafe strongly recommended by a friend and one of the city’s go-to foodie destination. I read a bit about Oxfork and it actually started as a pop-up restaurant, who finally found a “place to stay” in 2011.


The place is quite trendy, decorated in a quirky but cosy way with mismatching furniture and a few excentric touches  – a huge cutlery chandelier, a table covered with colourful stamps. It feels very welcoming, and as the sun is out that day, the terrace looks particularly inviting. Unfortunately, as we had no booking and arrived at noon on a Sunday (ie peak hour) we had to sit inside for this time.


I immediately noticed that Oxfork was an egg’s lover paradise, and that’s great because that is just what I am!  The place sources its eggs locally from an organic farm and they have a place of choice on the menu. You will find them all:  (benedict, royale, florentine, scrambled, poached, baked, fried, in a sandwich… you name it.  I chose the Eggs Florentine (£8) and they were delicious: 2 tasty eggs with a lovely runny yolk, , well cooked fresh spinach, light lemony hollandaise, served on 3 slides of toasted sourdough bread

My friend Diane had scrambled eggs with bacon (£6.50), and to my opinion they looked perfectly done – I am often wary of scrambled eggs as they are often too dry, but these were nice and creamy (though she was a bit disappointed as she likes them dry – go figure haha).

If you are not a fan of eggs, don’t worry there is a veggie breakfast on the menu, as well as pancakes. I am sure you can find something to your taste! Only disappointment was on the fresh orange juice which felt a bit watered down to my taste.


The boys had a piece of cake on the way out, a big chocolatey brownie and a beetroot-chocolate cake. Both disappeared quite quickly into their stomachs, so I take it they were good!


Oxfork also sells a few goodies in the shop and they can cater for parties and wedding, or more simply make takeaway food to order. So be it for breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, inside or out, go for it!



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