Winter jam – with prunes, dried figs and apricots

Winter jam 1

It is a bit late for Christmas, but as I am watching the rain falling, wrapped in a big plaid in my sofa, I feel like it is still time for a winter jam recipe. Making jams in the summer is easy, there is plenty of juicy, ripe fruits out there ready to be cooked and jarred. I am not (yet) lucky enough to have an orchard full of fruit trees, so I usually make jams with fruit that have spent a bit too much time in the fruit bowl. Up until the end of fall, I have a decent supply of berries, apricots, plums etc. But come December, I start falling short of fruits to cook. And by February there is no more jam to be found in the cupboard.

I tried making kiwi, banana or apple jam, but really I am not a fan. I contemplated making orange marmalade, but the process seems so long that I have not gotten around to do it yet. And I am definitely not one to buy strawberries in the winter.

So I was quite glad when I found this recipe for dried fruit Christmas jam. I tested it over Christmas and loved it. It was actually a Christmas present for a family friend, but I had made a big batch so as to keep some for my cheeky self. I works really well with foie gras and cheese (we had it with fresh goat cheese), but also on your breakfast toasts.

Ingredients: 100 g dried figs – 50 g dried apricots – 5 pitted dates –  5 pitted prunes – 20 g sultanas – 150 g caster sugar – 2 unwaxed organic lemons – 1 tbsp rhum – 40 cl water

Winter jam 4


1. Roughly chop the figs, apricots, dates and prunes. Zest and juice the lemons, and mix the zest and juice with the fruits. Add in the sugar, the rhum and the water.

2. In a big pan, on high fire, bring the mixture to the boil and then leave to cook for 10-15 minutes on medium fire or until the jam has set. To test if your jam has set, carefully spoon a little jam onto a cold surface (a plate for example). Let it stand for a minute then push the blob of jam with your finger, if the surface of the jam wrinkles then it has set.

3. Pour the jam into sterilised jars and keep in a dry cool place. Or use right away to accompany a cheeseboard for, to sweeten a yoghurt, or on a slice of rye bread (for example).



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