Cake and Bake Show 2013 – Day 1 Highlights

CBS1Great first day at the Cake and Bake Show 2013! This is when I saw the best futuristic cakes, an Alice in Wonderland cake, and even a very resembling Queen all made of cake and sugar!

Outside it was raining, so I was even happier to be spending the day inside, surrounded by all sorts of cakes and baking accessories. I am telling you, good thing it was cash only, otherwise I would have been ruined by the end of the week-end!

I have already told you about the Autums Cupcake Competition. But the first day at the show was much more than this. I thought it was even better than last year really with some very impressive cake designs. Now, I am not too much into sugarcraft and such when baking myself, but I think it is because I consider cake decorating more like an art. When you see what people are able to create out of sugar paste, you don’t want to ruin it all by taking a big bite out of it!

The Dessert Tables – showcasing the talent of some great innovative bakers

Alice in Wonderland is favourite out of all the showcased scenes. I love the little details such as the cups spilling tea, the cat under the tablecloth, and the Cheshire cat cupcakes and cake pops. The characters look so much like the Disney characters as well!


Alice montage


But there were many other beautiful and impressive creations in this section. A few in random order: a pic nic in the woods,  a very British afternoon tea, a burlesque wedding cake, and even a cake sculpture of the queen!

British tea time

Burlesque cake

Queen cake

The Wedding Cake of the Future – A futuristic display of wedding cakes baked with one theme in mind, The Future. My favourite cake was the cocktail stacked cake: Drinks and Sweets, 2 in 1!

Wedding Cake Future 1

Montage cockatil



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