Poached eggs and steamed asparagus


Do you know that movie ‘Runaway Bride’ with Julia Roberts where she runs away at the altar everytime she tries to marry?
I am not going to tell you the end of the movie but apparently, according to that movie, if you want to be happy in life, you better know how you like your eggs! And I prefer them poached..which does not make things easy.

When I was living at my parent’s, we had chicks in the garden, which meant extra fresh eggs in the morning. You need that for poached eggs because then the white is more dense and sticks to the yolk.

In London it is a bit more difficult to raise chicks so I had given up on my beloved poached eggs. But then a friend offered me this great present: poachies, or egg poaching bags.They look a bit like a coffee filter and basically hold your egg together while poaching in the boiling water. They are perfect every time!

For this recipe I just used an egg, a bunch of small green asparagus, some sea salt and pepper and melted butter.

1. I cut the end of the asparagus, then steamed them for 10 mn in the Varoma of my Thermomix.

2. While the vegs were cooking, I poached my eggs 4mn in boiling water (put them in once the water boils and count precisely 4mn for a large egg).

3. Then I served the asparagus in a plate, topped with the poached egg and some melted butter, and sprinkled with sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Bon appetit!


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