Stuffed cherry tomatoes

Mini tomate farcie

Don’t you just hate being left with a tidbit of this, a spoonful of that, but never enough to actually make a meal out of it? Well here is your solution: serve lots of little nibbles instead of a proper dish! They are so cute, usually very easy to make and quite useful when you have to finish leftovers.

I love preparing little finger-foods for my guests when they come for dinner. Sometimes I make so many that nobody has space for the actual meal anymore, so I actually started inviting people for finger-food dinners.

Now this one would not get me to a Master Chef final (or maybe?) but has become one of my favorites. It is extremely easy to make, fresh and healthy, and works with about any kind of spread.  And did you notice the red/white/blue pattern on the picture? Perfect for July 4th (or 14th in France later on this month)!


Cherry tomatoes

Creamy cheese (I used herb and garlic cream-cheese but it would work nicely with a bit of gorgonzola, goat cheese plain cream-cheese, olive spread, guacamole or pesto)


1. Wash the cherry tomatoes, and cut the top part that will form the hat. Also slice a very very thin slice of the bottom, to make it flat but don’t remove too much flesh.

2. Empty the cherry tomato with a tea spoon or a knife.

3. Add your cream cheese(or other spread) and cover with the hat.

You are ready to nibble!


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