Pear & Blue Cheese Samosa

Samosa Bluecheese_Pear2_LR

“The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” Doesn’t this make a perfect excuse to stay late in bed this week-end?

And here is another one if you are having guests for lunch: making these blue cheese and pear samosa will take you about 15 minutes. That is not much time in the kitchen, and therefore more in your bed.. but equally happy foodies when they will bite into this crunchy samosa and discover its creamy filling where the sharp and salty tasty of the Roquefort is balanced by the sweet flavour of the honeyed pears. Yes, all of this!

You might notice I have applied my own advice in the video and woke up late that morning: it shows you how to make the samosas, and fold the filo pastry into neat triangles, but also gives you a glimpse of how ready I was, cooking in my koala/palm-tree pajamas. All of this on a very French air of accordion. Enjoy!


1 roll filo pastry

150 g sharp blue cheese (Roquefort, Stilton)

2 ripe pears

2 tbsp honey

Vegetable oil (olive, sunflower…)

Music: Les Ogres de Barback – Little Gentleman


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