Thank-you Chocolate sandwich cookies

thank you cookies 1_LR

I had a wonderful holiday in Valencia last week, which I still need to tell you about! But before sharing all my foodie discoveries with you, I wanted to write a thank-you post to my colleagues who took over all my work for a week, so that I could relax in the sun!

This is why today’s recipe is featuring the Thank-you cookies I brought them on the Monday morning: chocolate cream sandwiched between two vanilla biscuits with a clear message written on top!

Ingredients (makes 2 dozen)

For the cookies:
100 g brown sugar
300 g plain flower
150 g soften butter
3 medium egg yolks
1 tbsp vanilla paste
Pinch of salt

For the cream:
100 g dark dessert chocolate
Pinch of coarse salt
20 g butter

1. Add all the cookie ingredients in the Thermomix and mix 30 seconds, speed 5.

2. I the dough is too sticky you can roll it into a ball, wrap it in cling film and refrigerate for an hour. If not go directly to step 3, I usually don’t need to do this.

3. Roll out the dough on a kitchen top dusted with flour and cut into shapes.

4. Bake in a tray lined with baking paper for 15 min at 160 degrees Celsius until pale gold.

5. Prepare the cream while the cookies cool down. Break the chocolate into pieces in a bowl, add the butter and a big pinch of coarse salt. Put it the microwave for 20 seconds on 800 kW. Mix the chocolate and butter until creamy.If the chocolate has not melted completely, put it 10 more seconds in the microwave. The cream should still be thick, not too liquid.

Thank you cookies

6. To make the sandwiches, put a drop of chocolate cream on one cookies, leaving a 2-3 mm margin so that it does not come out when you press the two cookies together. Add the second cookie on top, and gently press down.

7. Leave to cool down outside if you can. And eat as is or decorate!

thank you cookies 2_LR


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