Camelia’s tea room


Just discovered a lovely hidden tea room,right in the center of London, and had the greatest girly Sunday afternoon there.

The place is called Camelia’s and is divided in two parts: the tea salon and the tea shop were you can by many of their award winning leaf teas and infusions.

Camelia’s Tea House
2.12 Kingly Court,Carnaby Street
W1B 5PW London
Open every day 12pm-7pm

I treated myself with a delicious Earl Grey with Orange (a classic,revisited),a white tea with dried apricot and a chamomile infusion.But you don’t have to go to the shop to get a hold of these delicious teas,you can order online on their website and get it delivered.

While I was trying to decide which tea to buy I could not help but notice the waitress coming in and out of the tiny kitchen with what looked like amazing scones.So we decided to get some too…and the poor scones did not survive very long!

It was fun to see how we all have our own way of eating them:one of my friends made herself a scone-sandwich,dripping with cream and jam,another was just putting some cream and jam on the corner of her scone,having a bite and so on.Now what is your favorite way of eating scones?



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