Belgium,I miss your chocolate


There are two things I really miss now that I live in London:Ricore (an instant coffee and chicory powder) and affordable good chocolate.

The first time I went grocery shopping in London I paced the breakfast aisle for almost 30 minutes without success.I found hundreds of teas,coffees,a few cocoa and malt powders but no chicory drink,and certainly not my favorite brand. But I solved the problem last time I came to Brussels by stuffing my car with tins of Ricore.I literally emptied the shelves of the supermarket and arrived at the till with ten tins tucked under my chin. Enough to survive until Christmas I think.

So far,so good England,I forgave you.

But then I found out you don’t have decent affordable cooking chocolate either.Don’t get me wrong, Green & Black or Lindt are great when I need something sweet with my coffee.But in the baking section…well, call me a snob (having lived two years in Belgium,I probably am when it comes to beer and chocolate) but it all looks and tastes like plastic to me.

I went back to Brussels again this week-end, and since my cupboards are bursting with Ricore,I brought back some chocolate instead: bars of Côte d’Or dark fondant for chocolate cakes and mousse,and some milk chocolate and hazelnut Côte d’Or just because it is my favorite.

I love Côte d’Or for everyday chocolate cravings…but if you are in Brussels and are looking for the real thing,go to Pierre Marcolini.They have a store in Le Sablon,in the heart of Brussels,and one at the Gare du Midi station,in the Eurostar section,for a last minute stop by.

Just look at what they have done for Easter,aren’t these chicks the cutest?

Anyway…now that I have expressed all my chocolate frustration, let’s finish on a positive note: I still love you England, nobody is perfect and your beer is not half bad.



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