Cashew-almond butter

Cashew almond butter 2When living in Boston a few years ago, I got acquainted with peanut butter. I had vaguely heard about it before, but had never seen any in the supermarket, much less tasted it. I quite liked peanut butter, but it was not an absolute favorite, except maybe with strawberry jam.

But I had a revelation one day, when wandering around Wholefoods, looking for some free sampling while my laundry was getting done at the laundromat next door. I discovered all sorts of freshly made nut butters: peanut, almond, cashew, hazelnut, roasted, honeyed etc.. They were kept in huge jars and you just had to press a button to get some nut butter in a jar. I have to say I had a taste of each, just pouring some on my finger..naughty me.

Anyway, I can now make my own nut butters..yay! I had my first try with a classic peanut butter, and realised that you really don’t have to add that much oil to the mix to make it nice..that was good news.

Now here is my ultimate experiment: cashew-almond butter, sweetened with agave syrup. Try it and tell me about it!


150 g raw cashews

150 g raw almonds

1 tablespoon agave syrup

1 tablespoons of oil (or more if you like your nut butter on the runny side)


Not much to do really… just put everything in your food processor until smooth and creamy.

If your food processor is not too powerful,you might want to soak the nuts in water overnight beforehand.

Enjoy at breakfast on a thick slice of bread!






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