The Thermomix- my new toy

thermomixI have received a new cooking toy… a robot that does (almost) everything. I have been spending a LOT of time in the kitchen lately exploring its possibilities. Be prepared for more jams and spreads and home-made bread etc..I have just started to explore.

This robot replaces many many other appliances, all in one. It chops, grinds, weighs, steams, blends, purees, sautees, whips, mixes etc.. The only thing I miss is that it does not juice oranges or cut vegetables into slices. But for the rest, it is perfect.

It will have some influence on the blog, as I will start talking in thermomix terms when detailing the recipes. But I will alway make the effort to translate for people who don’t have this little baby.

See you soon for some more kick-ass recipes!



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