Chocolate Mousse – a classic!

Mousse ChocoI think I have said it already, I am not a big chocolate fan…and since I’ve said this, I keep finding exceptions!  It was hot chocolate this winter, and now I realize I also make chocolate mousse quite often..but just because it pairs really well with fruit of course.

This recipe is extremely easy, if you take your time and are gentle with the chocolate & the whites. It is also quite light as there is no added sugar and no cream. Only three ingredients involved..and then you can pimp it with any extras: coffee flavour, chili pepper, coconut shreds, candied name it.

IMousse Choco 1ngredients (6):

– 200 g dark dessert chocolate ( go for a really good chocolate brand, it makes all the difference)

– 6 eggs  (we will be using 6 whites and 4 yolks)

– A pinch of coarse salt (reveals the flavours of any good chocolate)


Mousse Choco 21. In a bain marie, slowly melt the chocolate with the pinch of coarse salt. Be careful not to burn it..chocolate is a sensitive little thing.

Mousse Choco 3

2. Separate the yolks from the whites. You will be using all 6 eggwhites, but only 4 eggyolks in the recipe. Whisk up the eggwhites until you can turn the bowl containing them upside down and the whites ot moving an inch. I always found this very impressive..

Mousse Choco 43. Mix together the egg yolks and the chocolate (it should have tempered by now). Be careful that the chocolate is not too hot, but just warm, if not it will cook the yolks, and you’ll end up with lumps in your mousse. Then slowly fold in the whites until you obtain a homogeneous cream.

Mousse Choco 5

4. Pour the cream in individual ramequins and leave in the frige overnight, or for at least 6 hours. Enjoy with finger biscuits or a fruit salad.


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