YuMe – asian fusion lounge bar & restaurant

YUME Tervurenlaan 292 B-1150 Bruxelles http://www.resto-yume.be (picture from lalibre.be)

I had been wanting to go to Yume since this summer, when I tasted their beef teriyaki at the EAT Festival. However, I never made it until now because I have been too lazy to go that far (ok, it is not that far, but outside my usual quarters let’s say).  Now that I am about to leave, I realize there are so many things I had been wanting to do, and never did. So I am trying to catch up before it is too late!

YuMe is a classy and modern asian fusion food restaurant located in a nice residential area, in Woluwe Saint Pierre. The place is a beautiful villa, tastily furnished, with large windows bringing in lots of light. It is owned by famous chef Yves Mattagne, who also owns the Michelin starred Sea Grill in Brussels.

I was surprised to read on Tripadvisor that many people who tried YuMe found it overrated and did not appreciate the service, because I loved it! I thought the waiters were charming, very flexible and friendly. The dishes we tried were delicious and very fine, and the wine was perfect, with a large selection available. So maybe the place improved since these reviews? Or maybe we just tried the right things? You’ll have to make your own experience!

We started with an assortment of different dim sum stuffed with prawns, foie gras and porc & cabbage, with a glass of champagne. And then each one of us ordered a different dish:

–          Hind filet, poivrade sauce, beetroots, Gyoza of Foie Gras, pear

–          Nobashi prawn, sautéed noodle, édamamé, ginger, soy sauce

–          Teriyaki salmon, green asparagus, young onions, sesame, coriandre, pepper, rice

I finished with a light dessert of roasted pears with spices, speculoos ice cream and chocolate shortbread (I would love to try this at home!). However my friend had a tiramisu with coffee granite and cacao crumble, which looked great on paper but was a bit watery… “not a great end to an otherwise flawless dinner” she said. Too bad, especially since the place is far from cheap: you’d expect a perfect experience.

Still, if you are looking for a romantic night out (ask to be next to the windows) or a dinner for a particular occasion, I would definitely advise it! Book in advance and avoid the tiramisu, and you should have a wonderful evening!

PS: If you try the dark chocolate brownie with white chocolate and cardamone sauce… please let me know!


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