Poached pears in spiced tea

Poached Pears4

This was actually our Christmas eve dessert! Now… I know, we should have baked a traditional Christmas cake, a “Buche de Noël” , as proper French families do. But it was just too much after the foie gras, the cheese tartelettes, the oysters, the deer and the cheese platter. So we went for a lighter option, though delicious and full of winter flavours. I would recommend this dessert after any big dinner !

For those who don’t know what a “bûche” is : Bûche de Noël is a cake roll, usually made and served around the Christmas holiday. . It is a bit like a jelly roll, but with (usually chocolate) butter cream inside and out.(It was just too much butter..)

Ingredients (4):

4 pears

30 cl tea (earl grey, darjeeling, english breakfast)

A bag of spices for mulled wine (or : 1 cinnamon stick, 3 cloves, a 1cm*1cm cube of ginger)

1 vanilla pud

150 g sugar (or honey)


Poached Pears21. Peel the pears to remove all the skin, but keep them whole. Remove the stem with a knife from under the pear (this is a bonus).

Poached pears1

2. Put the tea, the vanilla puds the sugar and the spices in a big pan. Carefully add the pears, so as not to squash them. Cook for 20 mn on low fire. The tea should not boil.

Poached Pears3

3. Remove the pears carefully from the sweet tea mixture, cover them so they stay warm. Filter the liquid and put it back on low fire for an additional 15 mn, or until syrupy.

Poached Pears4

4. Serve in in individual cups. Put the pear in the cup (if it cooled down, you can microwave for a few seconds). Then pour the syrup on top.

Voila! Quick & healthy!


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