Chez Oma – Brunch at Granny’s

This cosy  little tea room opened 6 months ago behind the market at Parvis de Saint-Gilles, and a bare 10 minutes walk from my apartment. I had decided to go for a cosy brunch with my sister this Saturday and it seemed the perfect occasion to try it. Even before entering I was already loving it: opened my eyes shortly after 11AM, dressed in 10 minutes and was in front of Chez Oma at 11.30AM. Yeay!

The place is charmingly dowdy: flowery wall paper, porcelain cups and plates, black and white picture and menu written on a slate hanging on the wall. A real doll house!

Oma4 WEBOma7 WEB

The brunch itself is a buffet, with sweet and savory options, and a hot drink. The whole things only costs 15€, 17€ if you add a freshly squeezed orange juice. A bargain! And the quality was there too. The menu varies everyday, but here is what we had the chance to taste (of course, I had a bit of everything..I wanted to give you a complete report).

Oma8 WEBApricot jelly roll

Chocolate mousse

Coleslaw: red cabbage, carrots and celery

Green pea soup

Arugola, ham and parmesan pasta salad

Green salad, homemade hummus and grilled zucchine

Cheddar, nuts and raisins

And with this a choice of bread and viennoiseries, several marmalades, fruit, cheese, eggs and cooked meats. Just what we needed: simple things, but delicious. The two sisters holding the place are very nice, and the service friendly. You can see them making the food in their open kitchen from your table… maybe you’ll be able to catch a few tips!

In a nutshell: Chez Oma makes you feel at home! No wonder, as it means “at Granny’s” in Dutch. Go try this vintage brunch at once! Or try an afternoon tea (and let me know about it). If you go during the Christmas period, you might see there Christmas tree..decorated with little cupcakes.

Oma6 WEB

Oma5 WEB


2 thoughts on “Chez Oma – Brunch at Granny’s

  1. It is small and cosy, located in a quiet and nice area, close to the city center of Brussel. Open only 6 month ago, it is already necessary to book for a table on sunday!


  2. Looks very cozy and yummy. Last week I took my family to high tea at the Peninsula Hotel in TST in Hong Kong. The atmosphere, the dainty little tea sandwiches and treats is a must try for everyone at least once.


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