Chocolate Raspberry Panna Cotta

Pannacotta Choco Framboise 7 LR

As much as I love hot chocolate, I try to keep it for week-ends, when I really enjoy my time at the breakfast table. I had made some homemade hot chocolate last week-end and I was afraid it would go bad if I waited until the next, so I transformed it into a nice dessert. Therefore, today’s recipe  is actually a bit of recycling from my Spicy Hot Chocolate: a little trick to make something new out of something you already have!

To me, this chocolate/raspberry panna cotta combines the key elements of the perfect dessert: easy and quick to make but looks like it could be served in a restaurant. Plus it works for fruit lovers and chocolate lovers..what more could you ask?

Now here is the recipe:

Ingredients (4): 

Pannacotta Choco Framboise 1 LR1/2 liter chocolate milk – see post “Spicy Hot Chocolate”

1 teaspoon agar-agar

A bowl of raspberries (about 40-50 berries) – I used frozen ones




Pannacotta Choco Framboise 2 LR1. Reheat the chocolate milk in a pan and add the agar-agar when the liquid starts boiling. Reduce to slow fire and stir energetically until the powder is completely dissolved.




Pannacotta Choco Framboise 3 LR2. Pour half of the the mixture in individual cups. Reserve the other half and keep on low fire to avoid the agar-agar to set (you can also add the powder to only part of the mix, and to the other half later on, but then you cannot be sure to have exactly the same texture).



Pannacotta Choco Framboise 4 LR3. Put the cups in the fridge for about 10 mn until the liquid starts to set.  Then add a layer of raspberries.





Pannacotta Choco Framboise 5 LR4. Add the rest of the hot chocolate on top of the raspberries. If the agar-agar has set already, no panic, just reheat the mixture and stir, it will get liquid again. Let the cups cool down and put back in the fridge for 20 more minutes,  or until both layers have set.

You can serve the pannacotta like this..but if you want to go for the WOW effect, follow the last simple steps.


Pannacotta Choco Framboise 6 LR5. Put your cups in slightly boiling water for about 10-20 seconds. The cream on the sides will get liquid, and the pannacotta will easily slide from the cup when put upside down on a plate.  Take the cup out of the water carefully.Dry it so that no drops of water fall into your serving plate. Take a plate, put it on top of the cup, hold the cup and the plate together, and turn upside down.



Pannacotta Choco Framboise 7 LR6. Put down the plate, take out the cup. Your pannacotta has come out! Serve with fresh raspberries or raspberry coulis, and let your friends discover the raspberries hidden inside.






Pannacotta Choco Framboise 8 WEB


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