Ars Vinorum – an Italien hidden jewel

Ars Vinorum  -  Rue de la Reinette, 6  -  1000 Bruxelles

Ars Vinorum – Rue de la Reinette, 6 – 1000 Bruxelles
Picture from website

This charming Italian trattoria has nothing to do with your basic pizza place! I cannot believe I have been in Brussels more than 2 years and just discover it now. In my favour, Ars Vinorum is well hidden between Place Royale and Porte de Namur in Brussels. The place is small, but cosy, and you feel transported into an italian wine cave. The ideal place for a romantic night out!

Every week the chef proposes a different short, but savory menu of antipasti, pasta, risotto etc.. I went together with a friend (who actually brought me there) . She had a mouthwatering dish of paccheri with cherry tomatoes, basil and arugola and myself a dish of pennette with red oignon, pumpkin and cinnamon. As a dessert, we shared a  tiramisu that tasted like heaven. And you can trust me, I am very difficult with tiramisu!

The restaurant is not called Ars Vinorum for nothing either, the walls are lined with shelves of wines, and every dish is served paired with a glass of wine. But the service is flexible too, I had a glass of red with my pasta, but my friend had the possibility to change her glass as her dish was paired also with a red and she preferred white.

All in all, it only cost us about 25€ each for a glass of cava rosé, a dish of pasta, a glass of wine and a shared dessert. Quite fair! I’ll be back there soon!


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