Speculoos spread – a Belgian treat!

I think I mentioned it before, but in Belgium speculoos is a big deal!

These spiced crunchy cookies  with often a figure stamped on the front side can be found everywhere. They are delicious dipped in coffee, but are also great to use for cooking and baking. You can turn them into many delicious things!

In Brussels, the best place to find them is at Maison Dandoy, a traditional “biscuiterie” making speculoos and much more since 1829. This place is biscuit-wonderland, with its cosy atmosphere and its walls decorated with wooden biscuit pans, in which the speculoos used to be baked.

Now, I have not tried making my own speculoos yet, this is not where I am heading, but you are close!

As a kid, when I came back from school, my grandma sometimes made me a speculoos sandwich : 2 slices of buttered bread, and 2 speculoos in the middle. Some might think a cookie sandwich is a weird idea, but I promise you this was amazing!

More recently, a new way of eating speculoos has emerged, inpired from this traditional snack: speculoos spread, or ginger-cookie butter. And this is what I have attempted: a homemade cookie-butter spread made with speculoos.

Watch out! I have made this when my family came for All saints week-end, knowing it was more cautious not stay too long with this caloric bomb in my cupboard. After 2 breakfasts the whole pot was gone & I spotted my mom eating some directly from the jar in the kitchen You’ve been warned!

Ingredients: You will only need two things to make this spread: 1 tube condensed milk (175-200ml) & 125 g speculoos



Easy as hell! And that is what makes this recips even more dangerous. Now don’t ask me why I decided to detail the simplest recipe on earth with pictures and all. I guess I felt like I would not have enough to say about it..

1. Crush the cookies until it forms a powder. You can leave a few big pieces, they will melt later on, or add some crunchiness to the spread. Best way to do it I found was by puttin all the cookies in a closed plastic bag, and go over it a few times with a pastry roll.


2. At the end of the process, you should end up with something like this: a rough biscuit powder.



3. Then add the whole tube of condensed milk to it, and put on low fire for about 5 to 10 mn, until the speculoos have melted. These cookies are mainly made out of brown sugar, so they don’t stay dry in the heat, but melt and caramelize..yum!

4. Once you obtain a homogeneous mix, pour into a glass jar before it settles. If you find the spread too thick, you can add a few spoonfuls of vegetable oil to the mix while on the stove (sunflower oil for example).

Enjoy this on a slice of toasted bread, on pancakes, in a plain yoghurt or, like my mom, straight from the jar!








2 thoughts on “Speculoos spread – a Belgian treat!

  1. This recipe is so dangerous as it is so easy and so wonderful. I just love those little cookies and to have that as a dip is just brilliant. I don’t know if I can find those little cookies here in Asia but I will keep my eyes open for them now. Take Care, BAM


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