Happy Halloween!!

As a matter of fact I am spending Halloween in my bed, struck down by a sudden nausea attack. I have been sleeping my way through it this afternoon…and staying in bed tonight. Terrible feeling…especially since my roommate and I had planned a big Halloween party at our apartment! Hopefully the party has been moved to another place, but I wont be part of it.

So no recipe either for today…but I have been browsing the internet for you (what can you do when you’ve been sleeping all afternoon, and don’t feel good enough to get up?)  and here is a sample of my favorite Halloween food. Had I been able to prepare the party, this is would have been the ideal menu!

Now back to sleep..and I’ll feel better on the morrow, hopefully inspired for a Halloween themed breakfast!!!


Goblin Grins and Monster Mouths by Snixy Kitchen

Reading the post, apparently she is not having a funny Halloween either.

So good job for cooking something for the occasion anyway!


Pizza Pepperjacks by SpaBettie –

Seems much easier than carving the actual pumpkin! and they are so cute..


The Brrrrger by Fat and Furious Burgers

 Eat it before it eats you!


Pumpkin shaped cake with marzipan stem – found on Countryliving.com

Works with any pound cake provided you have  the pan to cook it in! So simple, and yet so bright!


Meringue Ghosts by Pink Lemonade Bakery 

Spooky meringues to accompany your coffee or tea


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