Chocolate Unwrapped 2012

So many yummy events these days, I can barely keep up!

Last week-end I was at Chocolate Unwrapped in Covent Garden, an event dedicated to fine flavoured chocolate and grand finale fo the Chocolate Week in the UK.

I must say I was a bit disappointed at first, because the venue was so dark I almost felt like I was visiting a cave. Then the organisation was not very flexible nor organized : so no one mentioned to me you had to take cash if you wanted to buy anything inside, and when I realized it, I was told there was no re-entry if I was going out,so I stayed.A bit frustrating not to be able to buy anything in such an occasion..and I think the exhibitors were feeling the same. I don’t think they sold much that day, though they were plenty of tempting things to nibble on while browsing the stalls.

Good thing there was a lot of sampling, and when I got over my first impression, I had quite a good time, and spotted some favorites for you! Please comment to let me know which one you liked most!

Pistachio Rose:

Pistachio Rose is not exactly all about chocolate, they are a bakery making sweets & desserts with an Indian touch to it. Their name comes from their signature cake, Gulab Jamun – “a soft cardamom sponge, soaked in rose syrup & topped with crushed pistachios.” If the objective was to convince that Indian flavours are perfect to make elegant cakes and biscuits..that’s done for me! I will be visiting their boutique in Fulham, South West London soon enough!

At this particular occasion they presented part of their products and their arrangement of chocolate tartelette was the first thing to catch my eye that day. Available in 3 versions (from top to bottom on the picture):

  • White Chocolate infused with crushed sweet fennel seeds, rose and aniseed.
  • Dark Chocolate infused with a blend of cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, Indian tea & a secret fifth ingredient
  • Salted Milk Chocolate with nutmeg and chili


Those chocolates look so beautiful you almost feel ashamed to eat them! But you should, as they are truly delicious. At the show Lauden was presenting its most popular products : a mixed box of chocolates, all with a different, often fruity, ganache filling…

I sampled the lime, the berry, and the salted caramel filled chocolates..they all tasted great but lime was definitely my favorite, the sharp and tangy taste balancing the dark chocolate perfectly.

No boutique, but you can find their chocolates in many high scale restaurants and hotels, and also order online.

Enric Rovira

The booth clearly distinguished itself from the others thanks too the ultra-modern design and presentation of the products.

This chocolate company from Barcelona uses chocolate as the raw material for their artistic creations. I found their had unusual concepts in packagings that would make perfect Christmas presents. For example, the ChocolaTé box. This T-shaped carton box, contains 5 smaller cubes, each one of them containing little chocolate drops flavored with a different type of tea. Love the tea & chocolate association!

From left to right, chocolate bites flavoured with tea from China, Japan, England, Russia and Morocco


Modern design is all very well, I like it, I promise…but more often than not, I dream of having a brunch or tea time in an atmosphere that hints at comfy cushions, dowdy flowery dresses and fine porcelain cups from which I would drink with my pinkie up. If I ever find myself in that situation, I would know just what to bring to my host. This design is my all time favorite, and that’s why you see it as the featured picture on this post. Come on, just how cute is this?

And for the kids, these very patriotic giant chocolate lollies

Paul A Young

Paul A Young is a chocolatier based on London (3 boutiques there). At the Chocolate Unwrapped salon, they had a nice booth with chocolates and brownies, but they were also the only ones to give an actual truffle making class. Lots of success…so much that I never got to do it. But I found a nice Christmas present idea: this cute advent calendar!


And in this tree…a different sort of chocolate for each day! Not sure if they really keep for 1 month in the tree, but it is certainly better than the brown plastic bits you find in the super-market bought version.

That’s all for today folks! Hope I did not make you salivate too much with all this 😉




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