Homemade Nutella – 3 ingredients

Friday was just one of these days when things did not want to go my way at all and I ended up needing a lot of comfort food to help me calm down. Seing the picture above, I am sure you know what I am talking about…

I was going on a week-end to Lille, but an hour before leaving for the station, I realized I had forgotten my phone at work. When I got to the station, the train was announced 15mn late, so I went to pick up a coffee before getting to the tracks. Once I got there, my train was gone..SURPRISE !!It was NOT late in the end though passengers had not been called and many of us missed our train.  Anyway…of course it was the last train that day, and I could only leave only the morning after, not being able to let my friends know about it before I reached home as my mobile was at the offce. By the time I called them from home, they had already been lingering at the station for a little while…oups!

I felt so frustrated only one thing could soothe me: Nutella spread on toasted bread & dipped in hot milk. BUT (as that day, nothing at all went my way) I had no Nutella in my cupboards… So I decided to make my own!

 All the recipes I browsed for inspiration involved a good food processor to ground the hazelnuts, or hazelnut butter, which I was not going to find at the night store that evening. And I needed the Nutella asap, so I needed to make do with what was at hand. No food procesor, no hazelnut butter…but what there is a lot in Belgium however, are chocolate stores, where you can buy really good chocolate, and they are open late. So I figured I just had to find a chocolate bar with the hazelnuts already into it, which would make things easier for me: Gianduja made the trick!

And that’s how I ended up with the easiest Nutella recipe ever! Involving only 3 ingredients, and with no added sugar or oil.Don’t get too excited, it does not mean it is not greasy and sweet but at least you know what there is in it. It was inspired by the recipe found on Cooking by Moonlight. There are not real hazelnuts in it (at least not ones I grounded myself), I must apologize..but it was an emergency situation!


– 200 g gianduja chocolate. Chose a good quality, with a lot of hazelnuts, I went for “Côte d’Or Chocolat pour connaisseurs”

– 1 tube sweetened condensed milk (150 ml)

– 2 tablespoons sunflower oil

– 1 pinch coarse salt (if you want to add an extra kick)


1. Cut the chocolate into pieces, put in a pan and add the condensed milk on top.

2. Let the chocolate melt on low fire while constantly stirring

3. When you have an homogeneous and creamy mix, let it cool down and pour in a glass jar. (personnally I could not wait for it to cool down)

That’s all there is to it! It was perfect for my lonely night…and in the end I left saturday morning with he first train, and was able to enjoy a great week-end!

PS:  Brunch with the girls next sunday, do you think I can make it last until then?

PPS: Put in the microwave for 20 sec before spreading on your bread for the creamiest texture


2 thoughts on “Homemade Nutella – 3 ingredients

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