My Cake & Bake Show 2012

Have you heard about this show? 2012 was the first edition, and I had booked my tickets 2 months in advance. Basically, it is a cake & bake wonderland, with live demonstrations, celebrity speakers, classes, market stalls, competitions etc…

I went there last saturday with an empty belly to make the most of it..and I was right to do so. Look what I came across when strolling about the different stalls! This is all from Flour Power City Bakery, an all organic bakery in London. Their breads & cakes are sold in many coffe shops, restaurants and farmer’s markets in London. Go have a look on their website to find the one closest to you.

And this is only a I had breakfast-lunch-snacks with a few mince pies, a dark chocolate brownie, a pineapple-coconut muffin to die for..and a few other things I nibbled at the market stalls.

It was a very nice show, as you could just walk around and discover what there is, but also participate in classes or demonstrations. The classes you mainly had to book in advance, or the saturday on site for the sunday, so I did not get to do any of this. But I watched a few demonstrations and learned how to make my own bread & a very creamy chocolate & cherry cake. Needless to say I fell right into the trap after each demo and bought dessert chocolate, and a few types of flour mixes from Wessex Mill. But I needed them.

There was a lot about sugarcraft too, and though it is not really my type of baking (I could not bring myself to eat these sugar bombs) I really enjoyed looking at all the cakes, as at some kind of sugar sculpture. Look at these ones from Tempting Cake, aren’t they gorgeous? Very “Devil Wears Prada” style! Too pretty to be eaten..I told you!

 And the clou was the Edible Beach Competition..none of the presented cakes seemed very edible to me, but they were fun to look at! Just look at them…which one is your favorite?




Hope you enjoyed this litte “reportage” ! I definitely enjoyed my day there, and this is why I encourage you to join me next year for the 2nd edition! One will be held in Manchester April 5-7 2013, and another one in London in September.


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