My blog’s new style

If you have made a habit of visiting my blog, you may be surprised to see that it looks quite different now! I must say I was growing tired of the previous look. I wanted to display a few things on the sides to guide people through the blog and then thought my page looked too full. So I have been looking for something less cluttered, in order to make navigation easier.

Please use the comment section to tell me what you think, and like this post if you like this new style.I would be really glad to have your feedbacks…and I hope you’ll keep following me!


6 thoughts on “My blog’s new style

  1. Sans image, c’est moins attirant Ă  mon avis. Je ne dis pas que je ne me lassais pas des petits gâteaux en forme de coeur, mais un bandeau colorĂ© avec une photo (de toi ?) serait mieux. Bon, ça n’est que mon avis… mais je le partage.


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