Pink lentils & coconut soup

Soup lentils coco

All my excuses I have been a very lazy cook these days! With fall coming up, the light goes down too early and it becomes so difficult to make nice pictures! A wonderful ” ricotta&pinoli-stuffed zucchini” recipe did not make it on the blog because of this. I promise I will give it another try soon enough though!

But let’s get back to today’s recipe. Fall is on us, and when I think of fall, I think of soups. I mainly make pumpkin soups, they are my favorites. Looking at the picture, this could be one of them. But don’t judge the book by its cover, this soup here has nothing to do with pumpkin and the first spoonful will transport you all the way to Asia! This soup makes a complete meal, perfect for a cold rainy day, as the lentils will give you lots of energy.

If you think asian recipes are too complicated because they involve so many unusual ingredients, just try this: 5 ingredients will get you to the other side of the world. My advice? Keep them in your cupboard in case of emergency!

Ingredients (4):

– 300 g pink lentils

– 400g canned tomato pulp

– 40 ml coconut milk

– 300 ml water

– 1/2 oignon

– red thaï curry paste (or curry powder)

(- fresh coriander)


1. Slice the oignon thinly and brown in a pan with a little bit of olive oil on medium fire.

2. When slightly browned, add a tablespoon of red curry paste (or use curry powder), the coconut milk and the water. Stir and let reduce for 3mn.

3. Add the tomato pulp and the pink lentils. Add salt and pepper and let cook on low fire for 30 mn

4. Mix the soup, season to taste (I always add extra curry) and serve sprinkled with fresh coriander.

Enjoy with a nan or some lebanese bread!


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