Blueberry-Crumble FroYo

I am an ice cream addict..on summer holidays there are days when I eat JUST ice cream.But then I like fruit pies too..and sometimes it is just too hard to chose. This makes dessert an excruciating moment when eating out.

Fortunately, at home, I have an ice cream machine that enables me to combine all this and realizes my wildest fantasies. Yeah baby!

Ingredients (4): 

– For the crumble, I actually used a left over from previous mango-ginger crumble recipe. I had frozen it and thought this was just the time to reuse it.

You can use the same ingredients to make the crumble for this recipe.

– For the frozen yoghurt:

300 g plain whole milk yoghurt

100ml milk or cream

50 g honey

– and then bluberries of course


1. Preheat oven at 200°C. Make your crumble dough as indicated in the mango-ginger crumble recipe.

2. On a flat pan, spread the crumbles evenly, and put in the oven for 5 mn until golden brown.

3. Mix together yoghurt, milk and honey.

4. Pour in the ice cream machine and let it work itself into ice cream for 2 hours at least.

5. Squash the berries roughly

6. In a bowl, mix the frozen yoghurt with crumble dough and blueberries.

7. Put back in the freezer. Take out of the freezer 15mn before serving..and enjoy!


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