Grilled pepper & gorgonzola sandwich

Those times when you come back home and you realize you haven’t been grocery shopping for much too long!

I am not really good at keeping my fridge full, but I take it as something positive:  I actually think it helps me stay creative food-wise.I like to challenge myself with an empty fridge, turning next to nothing in something that looks like a meal.Here was my latest invention: the gorgonzola & pepper grilled sandwich.

Grilled cheese sandwich is such a delicious lazy meal! This one is just a slighlty upgraded version.

Ingredients (makes 1 sandwich): 

2 tbsp pesto

1/4 can of marinated peppers

10g gorgonzola

2 slices whole wheat bread

10 g butter


1. Butter two slices of bread. The buttered part will be the outside of the sandwich. Butter will enable your sandwich to brown nicely without sticking to the pan.

2. Spread pesto on the other side of your bread slices.

3. Take one slide, pesto side facing up. Dispose pieces of marinated pepper on it. And then add a few crumbs gorgonzola cheese. Just like this:

4. Then place a pan on medium fire, and once the pan is hot, place your sandwich in it.

5. Grill each side 3mn, and remove from the pan when the cheese has melted and the bread is nicely brown.

6. It’s ready! You can serve for example with a simple green salad. Your dinner is saved!


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